The Cold War in ND


Eastern North Dakota was once home to the ICBM Missile Silos and Missile Alert Facilities of the 321st Missile Wing, based out of the Grand Forks Air Force Base. Housed under the quiet prairie of North Dakota was nuclear tipped missiles capable of destroying large parts of the USSR at a moment's notice. With the signing of 1991 START Treaty these silos and facilities were slated for decommissioning and destruction starting in 1999 and being finished in 2001. All that remains at most missile silo sites is the ubiquitous chain link fence, though buildings still stand at the Missile Alert Facilities. These photographs are of some of the remaining sites, now privately owned and repurposed into such things as bee box sites, equipment and hay storage, and in the case of one Missile Alert Facility, a private residence. Other sites were left to nature after their decommisioning and some have been completely obliterated from the landscape. Two sites have been preserved by the State Historical Society of ND, the Oscar-Zero MAF and November-Thirtythree missile silo, both located near Cooperstown. Today most people pass these sites and don't even notice them, sites of shear United State military power that have now melded into the pastoral North Dakota landscape.